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Any description of the unique areas of Greenwich wouldn’t be complete without mention of the extraordinarily beautiful midcountry and backcountry that encompass nearly two-thirds of the town’s geography. Four-acre zoning is the rule in most of the backcountry area, defined as north of the Merritt Parkway, while one- and two-acre zoning is most common in the midcountry to the south.

Thanks to preservation efforts by the Greenwich Land Trust and the generosity of a number of Greenwich property owners, there is still a remarkable amount of open space remaining, especially in the back country. The area is characterized by a diversity of rivers, lakes and ponds, winding country roads, woods and meadows, and scenic glacial carved gorges- enough to please the eye of the most ardent environmentalist.

Here is where most of the town’s golf courses and many of its parklands are found, including the Audubon property with its impressive headquarters and the Kimberlin Nature Education Center. Perhaps most surprising, this is all within thirty-five miles of Manhattan.


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